The Sand Springs Community have been rockstars today with how much everyone has done to help out!  We Are Sand Springs has been witnessing it first hand and we thought we should share it with all of you so that you can see what an amazing community you live in!
With close to 60 first responders out on site at the River Oaks Mobile Home Park working to help those who lost their homes in last nights storms, Sand Spring Community Services knew they needed to get food to them somehow.  Boomarang Diner instantly stepped up to help by donating 60 burgers to the workers!  They got them ready to go out the door in just 30 minutes!!
It wasn’t just Boomarang that stood up in a time of need.  Livi Lee’s Donuts also sent over ALL of the donuts and sausage rolls they had this morning.  They are even going to make extra batches tomorrow morning so that they can send over even more to the rescue workers.
How did all of this donated food get delivered you may ask?  High School students rallied together at a local church this morning eager to help since their schools were closed! They showed up to Boomarang and Livi Lee’s Donuts to deliver the food to the rescue workers!  Even more high school students, from Charles Page, used their day off to give back by helping clear debris at local homes that were hit by the tornado last night.
Check out the video below of the Boomarang kitchen crew working hard to get all the burgers done!

Here’s an interview with 2 relief helpers at Boomarang Diner who gave up their day to help the high school students get the food to the first responders as quickly as they could!

Keystone Chevrolet also dropped 4 PALLETS of bottled water to the the high school who are also taking donations for storm victims.  On top of all of that, Advance Weight Loss Clinic is giving FREE B12 injections to all firemen, policemen, and first aid workers who are spending their energy on helping the Sand Springs Community.   Just stop by their location at 117 North Main Street to receive them.  Please share this with any emergency workers you know so that they can keep their energy up!

Here at We Are Sand Springs, we have been in awe of how much the community has pulled together during this time.  Everywhere you turn, there is someone, doing something, to help those who were affected by the storms.  Everyone is more than eager to jump up and help and it does not go unappreciated!  We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of Sand Springs.  Without you, we would not be who we are and we would not have as much pride in our community as we do!