Recently, we sat down with Candice Gomez, the spunky owner of Salon FortyFive.  Lucky for you all, she shared some great hair tips that you might be surprised by!

  1. Did you know air drying your hair is actually the worst way to dry it?!  That’s because when you air dry it, you allow your hair to soak up everything that is in the air.  That includes pollen and all the air pollution!
  2. Don’t dismiss the “cool” setting on your blow dryer!  It’s there to help set your hair.  For example, when curling your hair, hit it with a blast of cold air! It will help it set which will make it last longer!
  3. When using a wand, hold the wand facing down.  This will ensure that you get the bigger curl up top, with the tighter curl down bottom.
  4. Dry shampoo is for more than just soaking up the oil! Use it when you’re creating a messy bun.  It will give you more fullness and texture by keeping your hair from sticking together.
  5. To create a fuller ponytail here’s a trick: take the top section of your hair and put it in one ponytail.  Then, take the bottom section and add it to the top using another ponytail holder.
  6. The best thing you can do to grow your hair out is massage your scalp!
  7. To get more volume in your hair, while blow drying, lift your hair straight up and blow dry the roots.  Don’t worry, your hair isn’t going to dry sticking straight up, this will just give you more lift at your roots.
  8. For more texture around your face, instead of blow drying your hair away from you face, blow dry it forward.
  9. When it rains, stick a bucket outside and catch some water.  Use it to rinse your hair in next time you shower.  Rain water is the best for your hair because it is so pure!
  10. When teasing your hair, a lot of people tend to do it in big chunks.  If you tease it in smaller sections, it will give you a better hold.

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