The March 25th tornado swept through Sand Springs with hardly any warning.  Many were left without food, clothes or a place to call home.  There were several areas around Sand Springs that were hit pretty heavily.  One of those areas was the River City Park.  The park itself mainly had large debris scattered around with some large trees down.  However, there was one area of the park that was hit extremely heavy.
The heaviest hit area of the park was the baseball field.  The damage to the field was so severe that the city has had to put all of the Youth Baseball League activities on hold until $80,000 can be raised to repair the damages.  On the list of repairs is a large portion of fencing, all of the back stops, four dugouts, along with several lighting poles.
The Youth Baseball is a league that includes hundreds of children.  It was set to kickoff on March 30, but has yet to begin because of the damages.  A few of the older divisions have temporarily moved to fields in Skiatook, however the younger divisions are still up in the air.
The few days following the storm there were 150 volunteers who came out to help clean deris.  Everything from picking up small limbs to cutting and hauling trees away needed to be done.  Thanks to those Sandites, while the baseball fields are closed, the park is open for you to walk around and enjoy.
If you would like to donate towards the parks repair, a Go Fund Me has been set up to collect the money.