Raising a reader is a lot easier than you think. It’s like anything else in life in that you need to set an example for your child very early on in life. Let your child see you reading. Read to your child. And, make books available to your child. Whether reading a book for yourself or sharing one with your child, the earlier your child recognizes that books are a part of their daily routine, the earlier their love for reading will begin. Keep books for both you and your child readily available. You can keep them in the car, diaper bag, purse, and every room in the house.
Make snuggle time, reading time with your child. Read books written for babies. Read aloud with enthusiasm. Reread the same stories so that your child can begin to associate sounds with words. Even if it’s only 15 minutes a day it teaches listening skills and the more you sit still and read, the longer your child’s attention span will be.
Build a love of books by making them accessible to your child. Give books to children at birth. Always have books within easy reach. There are bathtub books, squeaky books, teething books, and board books for the youngest of children. These are virtually indestructible and designed to be loved and handled by little hands.
A child is never too young to begin reading. Raising readers is about much more than reading. It is about showing your love, creating calming routines, bonding, building curiosity and creating special memories.
Written by Anna Healy, The Book Box