Summer is here and you can just hear the sun and the pool calling your name!  But you can also hear your hair shrieking from all the damage it’s about to wreak.  Between the sun, beaches, pools and hot air your hair can rake up a pretty good amount of damage in a short time if you’re not careful. Candice Gomez, owner of Salon FortyFive in Sand Springs, gave us some subtle changes you can make to help your hair stay looking it’s best!
Condition.  Candice suggests if you’re at the lake, try putting a leave in conditioner in your hair.  Swimming in the lake will wash it out anyways but it will give your hair some extra hydration.  Try using one with sunscreen to protect your hair even more.  Also, show your hair some extra love by throwing in extra conditioning treatments here and there.
Get a Haircut.  It’s always best to get a trim before summer.  Sun will do extra damage to your hair if it’s already dry.  Do it a favor and remove those dead ends so you’ll be in better shape when you jump in the water.  Head on over to Salon FortyFive!  They take walk-ins!
Wet Your Hair.  Candice said that she will wet her hair BEFORE jumping into the pool.  When your hair is dry, it soaks up whatever is touching it.  So when you jump into the pool with dry hair, it is going to absorb all the chemicals in the water.  Wetting it before adds an extra layer of coating and will help keep some of those chemicals out.
Oil.  This may seem contradictory to washing the oil out of your hair with shampoo.  The truth is that you hair needs oil. Candice suggests putting a very small amount onto the ends of your hair in the summer to keep it from drying out as badly.
Get a haircut. Again. Let the sun, pools and beach beat up your hair during the summer.  But once summer ends, treat your hair by chopping off all those dead ends and giving yourself better locks for the coming fall.
An extra tip for you, keep in mind your location.  If you’re traveling closer to the equator, your hair can take on a whole new texture!  The closer to the equator you are, the more intense the heat, which means the more likely damage is to occur.
Candice was so awesome to share these tips on how to save your hair this summer! To say a big thank you, head over to like their Facebook page!
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