Festival Of Lights 2014

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Sand Springs- The Oklahoma Christmas Parade Map

If you want a great Christmas event that both you and the family can enjoy, then the Festival of Lights is certainly worth checking out. It is one of the oldest and largest Christmas celebrations in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, with light displays, decorated floats and even marching bands. The great thing about this parade is that it makes its way through Sand Springs, so you can follow their journey or simply catch them halfway. Whatever you choose, it is highly entertaining with a great atmosphere that really brings the city to life.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone of any age can attend the Oklahoma Sand Springs Christmas parade. The Festival of Lights Christmas Parade features more than 100 holiday themed entries. It has experienced great success, with a larger turnout every year. There is also plenty of dining opportunities available, so you can sample some of the local restaurants without going far out of the way. You will also find vendors and other dining options, so it doesn’t matter whether you want to eat on the go or sit down for a meal.

Floats, Marching Bands and Santa Claus!

The great thing about the Oklahoma Festival of Lights is that Santa Claus will be there himself. This makes things all the more fun if you have children. The Sand Springs Christmas Parade has been running for a few years now, and there is something new every year so it doesn’t matter whether you have been before or not at all, there is truly something for everyone. You will also find lighted holiday displays, which look great in the evening. Whether you want to walk through the streets to see the lights or to take your child to see the puppets and Santa Claus, you and your family can be sure to have a fantastic time.

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