The Charles Page Library has challenged the Pratt Library to see which location can collect the most school supplies for Sand Springs teachers.
The name of the contest… “Operation: Help Our Teachers.”
From August 9th to August 31st, people are being encouraged to drop off as many school supplies as possible to either location.
You can thank the Sand Springs Women’s Chamber of Commerce (SSWC) for sponsoring the contest.
Each library will have a box where you can drop off your school supplies.
If you’re wanting to know what school supplies to get, you can get a list of needed items that can be picked up at each library.
On August 31st, the supplies will be weighed at each location, and the library with more school supplies will be awarded a prize by the SSWC.
Supplies donated to the Pratt Library will be donated to south side elementary school teachers.
Supplies collected by the Charles Page Library will be sent to help the north side elementary teachers.
If you’d like more information on the Tulsa Tech Back to School Bash and school supply giveaway, click here.
Let the contest begin!