One hour in a well…

On the morning of July 19th, 2016 year old Carolyn Mathews, a 81 year old Sand Springs resident, went out to her property’s well house with a chore. The well house has long since been forgotten for its original purpose and is now used as storage. That morning Carolyn came face to face with fear. “As I lifted those heavy National Geographic books onto the shelf the boards covering the well collapsed sending me 22 feet down into the water” Carolyn explained.

Carolyn was in the well for approximately one hour when her son found her. He was leaving for work and had shouted a goodbye to her and waited for her reply. When he did not hear his mother’s goodbye he started to look around and that is when he saw the well house door ajar. As he approached the structure, Carolyn let out a yell that she was in the well. A rope was lowered into the well so that Carolyn was able to conserve some energy while they waited for the fire department and paramedics to arrive. The fire department brought Carolyn to safety with a ladder.
“The water was so cold. My legs were ice cold.” Carolyn told us about the moments after, “I didn’t need to go the hospital, I was fine, just cold and thirsty.” Carolyn had an appointment with her doctor already scheduled the next day so she stayed home with her son that day. That evening a proper covering was made for the well making the well house safe again. Not one scratch, broken bone, or bent fingernail after falling through the floor and down 22 feet into an old ice cold well. What a happy ending to a terrifying story.
After hearing the story, Carolyn’s nephew Joe Baughman sent her a poem describing her experience.
My dear Aunt Carolyn fell in a well and remained there for a spell
She was twenty feet down and had nothing to grab not even a rail
Falling pell-mell into the cold dark cell she was really lucky it only rang her bell
That was no place to dwell so she gave out a yell
Lucky for her someone nearby did dwell
They tossed her a rope that gave her some hope
Then rescue came schnell with a plan quick to gel
They would extend some ladders halfway to hell
Hurray for my aunt when out she came with a shout and a hoot
Really glad to not even lose a boot
That’s the story we tell about my aunt that fell in a well
And we’re all so glad it turned out so swell
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