Happy New Year everyone! 2017 has arrived! It is time to put your best foot forward and start to work on new habits for the new year. Making a certain activity a habit takes repetition and dedication. Whenever you choose a new habit you need to stick with it week after week. Then, it will turn from a new habit to your routine! Here are a few habits that would be great for 2017!
1. Take time for yourself. This one can be difficult for some people. But, it is very important you have time to be by yourself. Take a hike at the Keystone Ancient Forest or do some yoga at the Osage Forest of Peace. Both of these places can give you time to think and just be by yourself. You will be surrounded by nature and peace.

2. Fuel your body with the right stuff! Give your body what it needs this year. All Around Nutrition is here to help you make that happen. They have a wide variety of items to choose from. They are all delicious and great for your body.
3. This year is the year to stay fit. Try out a local gym. Reality Fitness is located near Downtown Sand Springs and is open 24/7. Try going for just a walk on the treadmill or some cardio to keep you active. If you like lifting weights go for it! Make it important this year that you get to the gym or get active for a certain amount of time each week! You body will thank you.
4. Make yourself feel great. These last few months have been all about giving to others. Now, it is time to treat yourself to something nice. Maybe a month of tanning at Touch of Sun, or a manicure/pedicure at one of the local nail salons, head to Styles for a new hairstyle or visit their massage therapist. Another great way to feel great is to visit Ashton’s Boutique. They have so many cute clothes and accessories. It always makes you feel good when you look good.
5. Get involved. This can be at Church or a local organization. Giving your free time to a great cause can be very rewarding. The We Are Sand Springs website has a list of churches in Sand Springs you can visit.
We Are Sand Springs is here to help you with your habits. Make sure you check out our Facebook page for giveaways in the month of January. You won’t want to miss out!