We had the privledge recently to sit down with Mr. Cooper; an experienced teacher at Charles Page High School, beloved by all students and faculty. Mr Cooper teaches social studies at the high school but his role does not end anywhere near coursework. Mr. Cooper is actively involved in many areas of the school and community, but his start came from an unlikely arena.

Mr. Cooper, born Frank Cooper, came from a blessed family. He states, “I was blessed to grow up in a home where education was valued and where performance was expected.” He did well throughout school and attended Vanderbilt University in Tennessee only to make his way to Oklahoma. He attended the University of Tulsa and attained a Juris Doctorate. He then spent the better half of a decade practicing law. One day, he had an epiphany, “It was during this time as a lawyer that I fully realized that I was not sharing the lessons that my teachers had professed, that I was not making the contribution that I was supposed to make, that I had taken more than I had given and that I would be much happier if I spent my time affirming rather than arguing”, Mr. Cooper shared.

Luckily  Sand Springs benefited from Mr. Cooper’s epiphany, and he has been at Charles Page High School ever since. Besides teaching several classes such as Sandite Challengers, Teen Leadership, Street Law, and Comparative Religions, his extra-curricular involvement is off the charts. He serves as the Student Council Sponsor, developed P.A.L.S (a program devoted to ease the transition of sophomores to CPHS), and the 10,000 Books initiative and much more. He has received many awards but his pride and joy are his wife, children, and his students. We want to thank Mr. Cooper for leaving the law field to come teach in Sand Springs. We have all enjoyed your teaching and devotion to the next generation, all while setting a wonderful example for your students and the future of our great city.

Many of his students have quoted him as saying, the joy of life is in the journey. We love that Mr. Coopers journey has lead him here to be a Sandite!

“I believe that success in life is relationship driven. Consequently I believe that it is essential for me to foster strong relationships with and among my students. I promote kindness, respect, honesty and affirmation. As my students search for their significance, I endeavor to daily reinforce that they are important, they are loved, and that the joy of life is in the journey.”