Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Movement in Sand Springs

We are in such a wonderful season Sand Springs! As we look around it is evident that we are beginning to see the fruits of many years of labor put in by our elected officials, faith community, city departments, schools, businesses, and local citizens. The approval and completion of new housing and business developments, as well as, road improvements and traffic connections do not happen overnight. Seasons like the one we find ourselves in, seasons of movement and momentum, remind me that there is a time for everything.
There is a time to be loud in our efforts to communicate our visions, desires, and hopes to push our community forward! As Sandites, it is vital to the success of our community that we speak up. Likewise, we vote in line with those visions and make efforts to communicate with those in leadership positions who are capable of making a change for the better. While these times I just mentioned can feel like a fight, a wait, a test… we know that there is a reason for our efforts. We believe these improvements will benefit generations and so we focus on our effort to have our message received.

There is a time for everything.

Just as there is a time to push, there is a time to celebrate! Sandites, the message was received. The hardworking individuals that have been placed in leadership positions over our community have listened and they went to work. And now, we are moving within a season of momentum. There is movement being made in almost every corner of the economy of Sand Springs. At the same time, we are seeing new roads, highways, businesses, housing, recreation facilities, parks, school buildings/programs, events, beautification, downtown revival, and so much more. We know that everything we’d like to see happen in Sand Springs has not yet begun but MANY of the projects from the shortlist have been approved and announced to begin in 2019/20!

So, now what?

And so, now we have a choice. Our options are simple. We can choose to enjoy these accomplishments in our community. To attend the events, invite our friends and family to parks, or maybe send a big thanks to those that listened and worked on these projects. We can use this time to instill the Sandite Spirit into the next generation and watch as they enjoy these improvements. That is one option…. Our other option is to find fault or flaws in the momentum we are seeing in town. The momentum we fought to make happen. This doesn’t seem like an option… does it. The real facts are that none of us like construction roads or otherwise. It is inconvenient and loud… but it is when we are put in real life situations where the momentum we wanted so badly begins to become inconvenient that we make this choice.
Sandites! Let’s choose to enjoy the season we are in and when we get frustrated with how our daily routines might be effected let’s remember… we aren’t done yet and that now is the time to celebrate!
Danielle Myers