Shipley’s Daylight Donuts started in 1984. After 30 years in business they retired & Livi Lee’s started. But what a Sand Springs tradition the Shipley’s left behind. We, like so many others miss Shipley’s and know it will never be the same. We also know that some things never change, but rather become their own. Welcome to Livi Lee’s, where “Life is SWEET!”
Jon Wygle is no stranger to the Shipley’s Daylight Donuts.  He used to mow their lawn!  It was then that he knew he wanted his own donut shop one day.  Jon and his wife, Wendy, like to flip houses on the side.  A year and a half ago (on July 1st to be exact) they were able to purchase the Shipley’s Daylight Donuts with profit they had made on their house.  They knew how much of an impact the Shipley’s left on the community and wanted to carry on that tradition while expanding and adding their own twist on things.
One of the biggest challenges they had to overcome was the donut making!  Did you know Mr. Shipley was at the shop every morning at 1am, 7 days a week to make donuts! He was the only one who made them!  The Wygle’s haven’t changed the recipe but have added donut makers to their staff.  They get there even earlier to hand make all the yummy donuts that flow out their doors every day!  They are constantly trying to learn new things, evolve, and make a better customer experience.  One of the biggest things they have done is begin a remodeling project.
6 months after the Wygle’s purchased the donut shop, they actually bought the whole shopping center.  They are doing new awnings, signs, a new shopping center sign, rocking, paint, everything!  The one thing they did not want was to have to close the shop while remodeling the inside and they have stuck to that.  They have done their best to listen to what their customers have been saying and are making as many updates as they can to make your experience at Livi Lee’s unlike any other!  They aren’t just building up their store, they are working hard to build up the community as well.  They are humbled by all the customers they have that come from outside Sand Springs just to grab one of their donuts!
Until now they have just been able to do the basics such as the floors and paint. But now, they are finally take the next step to do all the things they have wanted to do in the store, make things more efficient for the customers while still maintaining the Shipley’s tradition.  They have rearranged the kitchen, moved the drive-thru down so it is not blocking as much traffic, added 400ft of storage space, repositioned the window bar and added room for larger party table options.  Every move has been with the customer and the community in mind.
Not only have the Wygle’s kept a Sand Springs tradition alive, they are also giving back in many ways.  At Livi Lee’s, their goal is to never run out of donuts.  So, what happens to all the leftovers at the end of each day?  When Jon was in high school, his Key Club opened him up to volunteering at the homeless shelters.  This is when he began to donate all the Shipley’s leftover donuts to shelters.  He said it was always something that was important to him.  If they can no longer use their donuts but there is someone who can, they want to help in whatever way possible.  Now, they carry on that tradition but even more so.  Each day the leftovers go somewhere, to help someone; a homeless organization, DHS Overflow program, DaySpring Villa, and on Thursday’s, they go to Night Light Tulsa-an organization who gathers under bridges every week to feed the homeless.  Not to mention the 1,000+ donuts they donated to the March 25th storm victims and rescue workers.
Be sure to check out the new project when you get a chance! We hear the menu will begin featuring a new baked section along with a few new goodies! The Wygle’s truly have an inspiring story and are working hard to stay true to tradition and help the community in any way that they can! Show them some love on their Facebook Page and get a look at all the AMAZING donut combinations that they have!
livi lees we are sand springsFun Fact: Why Livi Lee’s? Jon and Wendy have an adorable little girl named Alivia and have always called her “Livi Lee” as a nick name! So sweet!