What makes up a life? Is it the time we spend on self-growth, community service, or perhaps the old saying is spot on… life is really all about the moments that take our breath away. Whichever mantra you subscribe to one thing is certain, life goes on.
Whether we choose to follow our dreams, sacrifice for others, or follow the exciting path of opportunity the clock will continue to turn. Luckily no matter our path, we can choose to be proactive in the way we spend our time.  
Sounds a little uneventful I’m sure. But hear me out!
Time has a sneaky way of deceiving us, making us believe that the moment that we are in is not where we belong. In reality the present is the only time that matters. We look too much towards the future and everything seems overwhelming.
To be proactive in the present could simply mean developing a do’s and do not’s list. For example, in my life one thing I would like to be remembered as is a good mother and wife; so on my do’s list is making my family a priority and on my do not’s list is missing moments that are special to my family. This does not mean that I am the mother and wife I will be ten years from now it just means that I have a do’s and do not’s list that will help me enjoy the present.
Being proactive does not mean that you need to have it all figured out. Really what it can entail is deciding what is important in the long run. Family? Faith? Friends? Career?  
So what makes up a life? That is surely not for me to say but I do thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you. I hope that we all hold tight to our do’s and do not’s in 2016!
Danielle Myers