Our children are growing up way too soon. Our eight year old is already swimming, riding bikes, and developing her own passions. She is concerned with what college she will attend and when she will be able to publish her first book, she is a little ambitious. Also, this is the last year our three year old will be at the office with us and not at school… I say to this, no! They are just not allowed to grow up. Right?!?!?!?!

I can’t help but wonder if God feels this way about us. Maybe he is looking around at all of us saying, Oh little one, you will miss so much in life if you concern yourself with such things too soon! If I think about this enough I get the sudden desire to be ingenuous!

The holiday season is to be a time of thankfulness and joy. All too often we allow the stress of a busy schedule or short funds to take this time from us. This year as Sandites let’s say no! Let’s refuse to give up our joy for stress. We make silly faces, tell funny stories, and reminisce on good times with our children in order to keep them young and happy; let’s choose to see a beautiful day, a call from a good friend, a baby’s laugh, and every other precious thing as God distracting us from our unnecessary concerns.

We are grateful for you and hope that your holiday season is blessed and joyful!