If you aren’t quite ready for the kids in costumes to come knocking on your door this Halloween, DON’T PANIC!
You can find these 7 ideas around the grocery stores in Sand Springs to get you prepared for the big night.

1. Candy Corn

You can never go wrong with this classic Halloween staple. Buy in bulk and separate 1 cup each into fun little bags. Add some drawstrings on each and you’ve created a fun, Halloween-themed idea in just a quick trip to the grocery store. 

2. Mini Chocolate Pieces

Browsing through the supermarket aisles, you’ll find several different assortments of chocolates. Putting these together is easy because you can buy a fun Halloween-themed bucket and pour several of these bags in.

3. M&M’s

What kid doesn’t like M&Ms?! Make sure when you’re shopping to get the little bags of these in both the peanut and regular chocolate kind so you can incorporate all tastes!

4. Twizzlers

Long gone have the classic Twizzlers traveled, and in comes the new and improved Twizzlers. Look out for the pull n’ peel Twizzlers this year. They’re fun and kids will love them.
5. Mini Snack Bars

Looking for something a little healthier than straight candy to give out this year? We know KIND Bars have mini versions of them, as well as several other snack bars.
6. Skittles
If chocolate isn’t your thing, then Skittles are a great, sugary alternative poised to set your house as THAT HOUSE on the block. Prepare to run out of candy quickly when you’re handing out these. They, too, come in small snack versions and are great for Halloween night.
7. Peeps

Think Easter when you hear these? Think again! Peeps has Halloween-themed candy perfect for candy basket stuffers.