Back to School Car Care

Lights- If you have a teenager, now is a great time to get them involved in the process of preventative maintenance. Have them help check the headlights, turn signals, emergency flashing lights, and brake lights. This is a simple way to be sure your kids are aware of the responsibilities of driving.
Fluid Levels – Engine oil, coolant, transmission, brake, and power steering are usually low after a summer full of use. Be sure to check these levels or have a professional check them and top them off.
Leaking Fluid – If your car is leaking fluid, check the color to help determine what it is. Red indicates power steering fluid. Orange could mean rust in your radiator or transmission fluid depending on its age. Green is most likely antifreeze, and blue is probably windshield wiper fluid.
Tires – Check your tires for uneven treat wear, nails or other potential hazards. This is another great opportunity to get your kids involved in the process.