Representing You in Washington
Jim Bridenstine
As your Representative in Congress, I have worked hard to find ways to affect real, positive change in the way government does business.
Making changes in the way the government spends money is not easy, but there is promise in the area of space. What used to be the exclusive domain of government is now attracting innovation and private capital to the extent that the government is being left behind. This can be a good thing if government can find a way to take advantage of rapidly advancing commercial space-based capabilities. These capabilities include communications, navigation, remote sensing, weather prediction, imaging, and Department of Defense intelligence.
The federal government pioneered space. Uncertainties in early space exploration and development were so huge that no private enterprise would tolerate them, although we knew that the potential was enormous. Now those uncertainties have been resolved into quantifiable risks that private firms can evaluate and consider in investment decisions. Many aspects of space-based endeavors have moved from the proper role of government into the realm of commercial development.
Government satellites are still necessary for hardened, anti-jam, encrypted communications as well as intelligence, recognizance and surveillance for the war fighter. Commercial satellites, however, can serve functions and augment capabilities for applications from communications, to weather forecasting, to military applications.
I have been working to expand the vision of government agencies and services to encourage consideration of commercial space capabilities when they are better and more cost effective. It benefits all of us as American tax payers and users of space-based technology when the government accomplishes its functions more efficiently.
This work tends to be “in the weeds” – technical and not high profile – so you won’t always see news reports on what I’m doing. Most people might find it a real “yawner” to read “Bridenstine Hosts Space Industry Demo and Exhibition,” or “Bridenstine Visits National Geospatial Intelligence Agency,” or “Bridenstine Speaks to Space Symposium.” It is not likely that you have read my editorials and commentaries published in SpaceNews or Defense Weekly. However, you can find several links or blogs on my website ( if you would like to follow these developments.
Representing the best interests of my constituents often requires work that may not make headlines or pique the interest of every constituent. However, space indeed affects all of our lives every day. Please know that if you have made an ATM withdrawal, used Google Maps, made an overseas phone call, or looked at a weather forecast, you have taken advantage of space. I will continue to do the work necessary to advance the human condition by allowing the private sector to develop further capabilities.
If you would like to learn more about the services my Tulsa office provides to constituents every day, or about the other areas where I am working to improve government efficiency, national security, defend your constitutional rights, and protect the American dream, please visit my website ( and follow me on Facebook (CongressmanJimBridenstine) and Twitter (@repjbridenstine).
-Jim Bridenstine