Ever see a creepy crawler on your floor and jump to the nearest chair?  Admit it, we’ve all done it!  No one likes creepy crawlers and Integrity Pest Management is here to help.
From September 14-18 Integrity Pest Management in Sand Springs is giving 5 lucky winners $20 off ANY service of their choice!. This is a GREAT value!
See details below for entry information!
Integrity Pest Management is located in Sand Springs at 4010 South 113th West Avenue.  While they don’t mind creepy crawlers, they know that you do and are here to help keep your unwanted friends out of your home!  They even have a plan to stop insect pests before they ever enter your home with their Exterior Defense Service!  They want to make your home comfortable for you and your family and will work with your schedule to help you do so!
Check out their facebook page for all types of tips for keeping your unwanted friends at bay.
Find a full list of their services at their website:
Integrity Pest Management We Are Sand Springs
Enter to Win:
To enter this awesome giveaway comment below with your favorite creepy crawler!
Winners will be chosen at on September 19  and will be announced on our Facebook page!  The lucky winners can come by the We Are Sand Springs office starting Monday, September 21 to claim their prize!
Integrity Pest Management
4010 South 113th West Avenue
Sand Springs, OK
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