Inkwell Printing We Are Sand Springs
Inkwell Printing was quick to come up with their own way to help out the Sand Springs community after the storms last night.  They are producing shirts for $10.  All proceeds will be donated to the disaster relief team set up outside of The Church That Matters in their parking lot at 41st and 113th in Sand Springs.
The shirts display “Sandite Strong” in yellow text.  You can go to Inkwell and choose what shirt you would like to show your Sand Springs love on!
The shirts are walk-in only and are on a first come first serve basis.  Go grab yours before supplies run out!
The We Are Sand Springs team has already stopped by to get ours! Any small way you can help will never go unnoticed.  With the news focused on our community right now, let’s show them how strong Sandites are and that it will take more than a storm to shake this community!
Inkwell Printing is located in Sand Springs at:
Inkwell We Are Sand Springs