It is always a good day when you get to spend it in our great town of Sand Springs, but it is even better when you get to spend it with the famous Mr. Sandite!

We started off the day with visiting our friends over at Firey Music! They have such a great selection of music lessons that are available. We decided we were going to learn to play the guitar, but first we needed a tuner. We started off with learning the basics, after an hour we were pros! We spent 21.77$ at Firey Music!

After rocking out at our lesson we were starving! So we headed over to one of the best pizza joints around, Minuteman Pizza Parlor! After looking over the menu for awhile we decided a Hall of Fame pizza was what we needed! Once we ordered we had a chance to talk about Mr. Sandite and what all he does around Charles Page High School! It was a great lunch getting to know more about him! We spent $29.33 at MinuteMan Pizza.

Once we were recharged from our delicious lunch we headed out to the Sand Springs Pumpkin Patch! When we got there we were amazed at the selection they have! The weather was perfect! We walked around the patch and we were able to get exactly what we were looking for, two good sized pumpkins (called “brother” size), one smaller pumpkin (“sister”), and a tiny decorative pumpkin for a fun family night of pumpkin carving! We spent $23.50 at the Sand Springs Pumpkin Patch.

Our day was full of fun activities all done in our beautiful town! We are so happy we got the chance to explore the town with Mr. Sandite. It was a great day!