How to be a Sandite on $74.63 with Daton Fix

It was a great day in Sand Springs when Danielle, Sand Springs senior wrestler Daton Fix, and the Fix family set out on the town to spend 74.63. These days are always full of fun and laughter, and this time sports talk! It was a great time talking about love for the community, shopping local, Sand Springs Schools, Daton starting his Senior year of high school and of course wrestling.
To start off our afternoon, we were off to visit the new Hibbett Sports in the Springs Village Shopping Center, located off Highway 97 in Prattville. Since Daton is a huge sports fan of course we visited a store that is dedicated to sports. After looking around at all the new gear they have, it was decided, some socks and new slides for back to school. If you haven’t checked them out make sure to swing by soon! The selection is great! The total at Hibbett Sports was $38.63.
After leaving Hibbett it was time to go to All Around Nutrition. This is another new spot in Sand Springs. When walking in the selection blows you away with everything that they have to offer. The flavor menu was amazing! Since there were so many great options we ordered a few different items to try. So the order was 2 teas w/o liftoff, 1 black widow, 1 mystery tea and 1 reese’s rebuild. Also, if you check in on Facebook you get a $1 off your order! The total at All Around Nutrition was $21.00.
To finish to the day, it was time for a trip to Next Level Performance (NLP). This is an indoor training facility for many different sports players, and teams. You can rent a cage for individual batting practice/fun, and that is just what was calling our name.  After hitting some balls the day was coming to an end. The total at NLP for a half hour in the batting cage was $15.
Thank you Daton (and family) for spending the day with us! We wish you the best senior year!
Do you have something interesting we could do in Sand Springs for 74.63? Tell us about it and we may just invite you to come along!
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