Physical, Mental and Spiritual well-being is vital during the holiday season.
We talked with three local experts to see why each phase is fundamental for a healthier life.
Physical Health.
Crossfit Sand Springs Owners Matt and Rose Tavagloine know what it’s like helping people stay fit all year, no matter the season. Matt tells us people tend to get busy in the fall and winter months, but physical fitness still needs to be on everyone’s mind.
“A lot of research points to when you exercise with intensity and resistance training, it releases hormones, testosterone and endorphins. I’ve seen people get off of their blood pressure medicine when they are consistent and exercising regularly. They are seeing results.”
Mental Health.
Get mentally prepared for the colder months with Cornerstone Christian Counseling LPC-Candidate D.A. Myers. He says maintaining your mental health is key for a positive, healthy attitude.
“The winter months are filled with holidays and family, but while for some this is enjoyable, for some it is just plain stressful. Daily mindfulness and monitoring self-talk during the holidays is extremely important for your individual mental health. It will also help with family dynamics and make the season a little more enjoyable.”
Spiritual Health.
Sand Springs’ Reach Church Missions Pastor Michael Wilson tells us his answer might be a little different from others when asked about why maintaining spiritual health during the holidays is important.
“I would say that in any season of life, you need to guard your inner circle of friends like your life depends on it. The fact is that you become like those you spend the most time with. If you want good spiritual health, you need to spend time with people who have good spiritual health. If you want to get fit, you hang out with those who are fit. If you want to learn how to run a business, you hang out with successful business people. If you want to learn how to manage money, you don’t take advice from broke people.”