Hills are Life & Life is Hills

I tell my cross country runners this each year, as we do hill repeats up the grass hill east of the track, but it’s true. Running hills is a mental exercise as much as it is physical, its short term, long term goals, I wear a cap and keep it pulled down so the top of the hill can’t loom in front of me, and tell myself out loud “it’s no hill for a climber”.
I have always said that running imitates life and hills are a part of life. We have some pretty intimidating hills in front of us right now as a city and as a culture, but every challenge is opportunity for success, so the larger hill the larger opportunity.
Charles Page motto was “Think Right” and it’s as good a motto today as it was when it first came out of his mouth. You can’t weigh that statement with the measure of the day, what “Think Right” meant in the 1800s may be different than what most people think today. So you have to look at the times our founder grew up in. He was born in 1860 so just like us he experienced the incoming of a new century, and during that time there were no shortages in challenges either. But in 1839 there was a loose knit collaboration of faith based organizations called the “Benevolent Society”. That year’s budget was almost equal to the national budget and in 1849 95% of the people were literate. Most everyone could read. People back then put great importance on education and they were great givers. The generation knew that we are our brothers’ keeper.
What we are and become is dependent on our choices. God may give you the title of your life but you must be the author. James Allen once said, “You can not choose circumstances, but you can choose your thoughts and there by indirectly, most assuredly, mold your circumstances”.
As we face budget cuts in our school and a flat budget in our city we must remember that the first step in solving these problems is in our thinking. Some people look at a situation and see a hopeless end. Others look at the same situation and see endless hope. It is a choice. We are Sandites and we will support each other. Only seeing the good in each other and together make this city everything Charles Page dreamed.