Get Ready for that Freezy, Skiddin’ Winter Stuff!

With fall’s arrival, there are a number of potential automotive needs we should check. Some are obvious, like making sure you have:

  • Fresh, flexible wiper blades to clear your windshield in cold temperatures
  • Windshield washer fluid that is rated below zero so it doesn’t freeze in it’s reservoir or lines
  • External lights working well so you can see and be seen in darker winter weather
  • Tires with adequate tread depth for the winter months ahead

Some are less obvious, but no less important.

  • Checking your coolant, or antifreeze if you prefer that term.

This services used to be a yearly ritual but with today’s “long-life” coolants it is easy to forget this important task. You need to be sure your antifreeze is capable of resisting freezing to at least the lowest likely temperature – and just a few years ago we saw -17 degrees locally. If your coolant freezes, the potential damage can be very expensive. Freezing coolant can split a radiator and crack an engine block. Long-term, the chemicals in your coolant that prevent corrosion in your radiator, heater core, and engine while they lubricate your water pump do break down over time so flushing and refilling your cooling system with fresh coolant should be done at least at your factory recommended intervals. For most of us, the “severe service” recommended interval is the correct one as surprisingly few people drive their vehicles in the ideal operating conditions as described in your owner’s manual under “normal service.”

  • Check your cabin air filters, if your vehicle is equipped with them.

Summer’s dust and pollen that they trap as they filter the air in your cabin can reduce their capacity to flow air, just as occurs in your home’s HVAC system with dirty filters. Worse, if we have organic debris like pollen in that filter and then add moisture and heat we can end up with a surprising range of things like mold growing on them. These filters typically are not extremely expensive and they directly impact how effectively your blower moves air to heat or cool your vehicle and consequently your comfort.
We hope this winter road ready checklist is helpful while you are preparing your vehicles for the cold climates ahead of us. Cecil and Sons services all makes and models and is here to answer your questions. Let us help you extend the life of your vehicle and get you winter ready.

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