Family Friday!

Welcome back to another week of Family Friday! We are glad you are here to look at the great dinner and snack we have made this week!
Here are all the ingredients you will need!
Pizza Rolls Family Friday
Dinner: Pizza Rolls

  • Crescent Rolls (1 package)
  • Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (4 for every package of crescent rolls)
  • Pepperoni’s (1 package)

To make the delicious Pizza Rolls just click HERE!
Oreo Balls Family Friday
Snack: Oreo Balls

  • Package of regular Oreo’s (1)
  • Cream Cheese (1 box)
  • White Chocolate (3-4 bricks)

To have Oreo Balls for dessert tonight click HERE!
Click HERE to watch the video!
We hope you enjoy this dinner and dessert as much as we did! If you make any of these items make sure to share it with us on our Facebook page!