Daton Fix: World Competitor with Black and Gold Roots

Daton Fix, a name that has come to be very well known in our community and the world. A small town boy living his dream of wrestling and traveling the world. Daton over the years has become a wrestling phenom. If you love wrestling or Sand Springs then you have heard of this wrestling Sandite.

When Daton was young he played other sports like football, baseball and even cross country. But, Daton had wrestling in his blood. Both sides of his family have participated in this sport. His dad (Derek Fix) wrestled for Oklahoma State University, and then became an official. Daton’s parents told him he would let him wrestle, but only when Daton thought he was ready. Stacee Fix, Daton’s mom, shared, “We knew because of our families that he would want to wrestle one day but wanted it to be his decision”. When Daton was in 5th grade he made the big decision to get involved and start his wrestling path. Just as any great athletes Daton did not start out as a competitive wrestler. There were loses and plenty of struggles. We asked Daton if he could give one bit of advice to young Sandite athletes what it would be he said, “Be coachable. Listen to your coaches. REALLY LISTEN”. 6th grade he started to participate in freestyle. This is when he felt he had found the area of wrestling he belonged. Today Daton wrestles freestyle, Greco and folk style, wth freestyle being his favorite. Not only is this Sandite wrestling super star competitive and driven as an athlete, he also loves the sport and likes to have fun. Over the years Daton’s skills have grown tremendously. So much so that he is one of the most well known high school wrestlers in the world!  

Daton has rocked the high school mat, received multiple state championships for Charles Page, and is now spending his time traveling the world doing what he loves. We asked Daton about his traveling he said, “I love it but I really like to be home. Sand Springs is just my home!” Listing all of Daton’s accomplishments could fill up page but as much as he has accomplished in wrestling he has accomplished more in setting his priorities. Daton’s love for his family and hometown is obvious when watching him interact with others.
There is another side of Daton that many don’t know. The non wrestling side. Daton is starting his senior year of high school with all his friends. As we mentioned he is also a huge family guy. He loves spending time with his family when he isn’t busy traveling or dominating on the mat.  When he is home he is just like every other high school kid, he likes to hangout with his family and friends.
We will look forward to seeing everything he is going to accomplish his senior year.  Daton is representing is hometown well throughout the world and we couldn’t be prouder!
Make sure to visit the Ed Dubie Field house this year and catch one of the Sandites Wrestling match! The complete schedule will be listed on our website when it is released.