Crossfit has quickly become one of the most controversial ways to stay in shape.  It’s too intense. It’s terrible on your joints. I’m not in good enough shape to do half that stuff.  I’ve got an injury and can’t participate.  Those athletes are like a cult. It’s only for the younger generation.  With so many things spinning around, how do you REALLY know what’s true?  We sat down with Micah and Amber Burdge, the owners/coaches of Crossfit 1055 in Sand Springs, and they told us what the TRUTH about how crossfit really is!
crossfit defined we are sand springsAmber and Micah have been doing crossfit a little over 4 years.  In August, it will be a year since they opened their own gym.  Amber is actually the one who got Micah hooked on it.  She went to try it out and would come home every night raving about it.  Micah got curious when he heard there were people doing pushups while in a handstand and decided he had to try it out for himself.  Luckily he did! Now it is something they both love to do together.
Micah defines crossfit as “high intensity, short interval, functional workouts.”  It differs from a regular gym in a few different ways.  First off, each day when you walk into a “box” (crossfit gym) the workouts are already programmed out for you.  You will never have to worry about what muscles you want to workout or what exercises you’re going to do.  It is all predetermined and everyone there is doing the same thing.  Micah said that the hardest part is just simply showing up.  Once you’re there, you’ll get a great workout because everyone is there, together, participating in the same workout  Because of this, there is a type of family bonding that happens that you do not get at a gym.  People know you by name when you walk through the doors and they notice when you’re not there. “It’s a great support system that you do not get at a gym,” says Amber.
crossfit defined we are sand springs
crossfit defined we are sand springs
crossfit defined we are sand springsSo the TRUTH about crossfit? It’s not a cult.  Unless your definition of a cult is a group of people who want to stay in shape.  You CAN do it, no matter your age, physical fitness or injuries.  Most people see the professional athletes on TV and shy away from it.  Micah compares it to football.  You only see the professional and college athletes on TV, they never show the pee wee league.  Everyone starts somewhere and you work your way up.  Certainly there are risk factors when things are not performed correctly.  But that’s why Micah or Amber are always there to coach you.  Everything is demonstrated and if you’re not able to perform something, they will find a scaled or modified way for you to continue your journey.  Micah and Amber prefer their smaller class sizes for this very reason.  Before you start, they even do a one-on-one session with you so they can find out if you have any injuries and help you find the best way to perform the exercises.  It’s about daily challenging yourself. Micah’s mother has been doing it for a year now “she’s gone from jumping 2 inches off the ground to jumping 18 inches.”  THAT’S awesome!
Micah and Amber love watching people grow and challenge themselves.  They love seeing people overcome obstacles and see how they apply lessons learned in the box to their daily lives.  Amber especially loves it when women realize they can lift heavy just like men.  One of the most touching things they told me was the story of a women who had a handicap son weighing over 80 pounds.  She had to pick up her son on a daily basis and struggled with it.  She began crossfit and learned how to properly lift. Now lifting her son is no longer a challenge for her.  Crossfit quite literally changed her life.
If you’re on the fence about trying it “It’s 15 minutes of your life that can make a huge difference.  You might be surprised if you just try it,” says Micah.  Each crossfit box is different because each owner is different.  If you don’t like the Burdge’s box, try another.  It’s not scary and if it’s not for you than that’s ok!  Don’t spend time researching it because you will always find bad things about anything online.  Don’t talk yourself out of it before you even try it!  They only word of caution from Micah and Amber is if you’re somewhere they are not willing to work with you, go somewhere else.  Remember, everyone has had a first day at crossfit and look at them now!  If nothing ever challenges you, nothing will ever change you!
Contact them for a one-on-one. They will evaluate you then show you how to do the basic movements at a pace that is right for you and teach you some simple terms.  Couples and friends can do one-on-ones together. Then, you get a whole week free to test out the waters and see if it’s for you!  Sometimes they even do an entire month of classes strictly for the beginners.  Their next one might possibly be in June.
Crossfit 1055
762 E Charles Page Blvd
Sand Springs, OK
(918) 863-8794