Civitan Park

Sand Springs has nine parks in the city and one of them has a very special meaning as to why it exists. The Sand Springs Civitan park was created in 1965 with a collaboration between the City and the local Civitan organization.
The Civitan Club is a local consortium that is designed to help kids with special needs. The group is an active group in the city with their fundraisers and many other activities, though most people don’t know the contributions that they have made to the park.
Every year the Sand Springs Civitan Club raises money to help keep up and buy new equipment for the park. The park is handicap accessible as it is a way to let kids play no matter their disability. Civitan Park also helps a wide variety of children with varied interests including tennis enthusiasts.
The Civitan Park includes two tennis courts that are well lit, so that between park hours you can serve up a good game of tennis. The park has two different sides, and on the tennis court side there is a basketball court and swings for kids. On the other side of the road there is a playground for kids to enjoy that includes slides, monkey bars, and a new swing set for kids to enjoy.
The Sand Springs Civitan Club and the City of Sand Springs continue to make improvements to the park and the club believes that it is a great way for kids around the Limestone area to enjoy a great day outside. The park is located at 104 W. 43rd St. So stop on by and let the kids play or start up a tennis match, explore everything that Sand Springs has to offer. Now that you know the special meaning behind the Civitan Park, maybe it will be your new favorite summer destination!

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