Chipper Days

The first Saturday of each month the City of Sand Springs offers free tree chipping service to residents during the monthly Chipper Days. Whether you’re cleaning up the back yard or helping one of your neighbors clean up their yard this Saturday, June 12th is a great day to finally remove all of your unwanted tree limbs from your yard!
Bring your tree limbs (up to 2” in diameter) to the Street Department at 8620 West 21st Street between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:00 pm.  Bring your Sand Springs water/refuse bill for proof of local residence (in City Limits).
Free Wood Chips at Chipper Days
You may also pick up an unlimited amount of free wood chips by visiting the City of Sand Springs tree chipping site. You are welcome to load your own chips, provided that you can cover or tarp the load.
Free Firewood at Chipper Days
Free firewood is also available at the tree chipping site. The firewood is available on a first come, first serve basis.
Recycling tree chips saves the City of Sand Springs room in the local landfilled and helps make our area a much greener place! Mulch is a vital tool in the smart property owner’s toolbox. It serves several purposes.

  1. As a Weed Barrier: Mulch blocks the light and suffocates weeds.
  2. For Moisture Retention: By blocking the light, mulch helps your soil retain more moisture so you have to water less often. This allows you to cut back on how often you water! Instead of having to water twice a day you can reduce that by half or water every other day!
  3. As a Finishing Touch: Mulch adds a clean, decorative touch to your yard, helping boost curb appeal. Also is great when you are getting ready to sell your home, since it really frames in your house!

For more information regarding Chipper Days, call Public Works at 918-246-2588.