River City Parks is on the cusp of major construction that will result in a beautiful and usable park for the community of Sand Springs and its visitors. With the new look will come a new name, River City Park will be remade into the Case Community Park. With an entrance that will be much more welcoming and bold than the existing entrance. Within the park there will be a lawn that is tentatively being called the great lawn. In this area visitors will have the space to picnic, play, and relax.
So what can you expect in the next months?
§  Demolition of old structures
§  New highway frontage entry; new signage; landscaping; large scale entrance
§  Added paved walks
§  formal baseball and soccer fields entrance (gets off Wellston Park Road)
§  additional parking & lighting (better security)
§  massive tournament sized soccer game field
§  two (2) new 10 & under youth baseball fields
§  pedestrian drop off
§  new playground near splash pad/concessions area
§  creation of picnic park area
§  new playground at picnic park area
§  new  park shelters (performed by city parks staff)
§  ½ court 3 vs. 3 basketball court
§  re-vamped horse shoe pits & volleyball
§  “Great Lawn” – small manicured turf for special events (reference Guthrie Green lawn in Tulsa)
§  Outdoor pavilion/special event stage
§  Artwork- 10 or more custom art pieces laser cut and illuminated at night
§  Remodeled restrooms
§  Additional electrical power connections for special events
§  Improved views of Arkansas River
§  Landscaping
In the end the park will be safer, cleaner and more user-friendly for the public. There will be more rentable spaces and greater community event capacity. The Case Community Park will have a more efficient layout. While the project will not be a told rebuild of the park it will be a major “first phase” to the end result. A total rebuild of the park is estimated to cost 5X the current budget but will great stewardship of the funds phase one will be enjoyable for all of Sand Springs.
If you have questions regarding these renovation contact Grant Gerondale, Sand Springs Parks Director at 918-246-2561.