We had an overwhelming response to this week’s giveaway from Bubbletown Car Wash in Sand Springs! Apparently many of you need to wash your cars! ¬†Here are the 10 winners for this week! Each of you get a FREE car wash!! You cars will thank you!

  • Kelly Thornley Web
  • Cheryl Armer Hubbard
  • Jennifer Jamison
  • Jenny Dickerson
  • Lisa Smith
  • Cassie Hathaway
  • Shelia Miller McCrackin
  • Pam Zweifel
  • Carolyn Bailey Curless
  • Beth Dupree

A huge thank you to Bubbletown who made this week’s giveaway possible and thank you to everyone who participated! We love reading your entries every day! Don’t forget to check back next week to see what you can win!
Winners can come by the office starting Monday, June 15th!
20 W 2nd street
Sand Springs, OK