Breakfast with the Mayor and Superintendent

Earlier this summer Eriech Tapia and Harlee Toothman were able to enjoy the “Breakfast of Champions” with Mayor Mike Burdge, Superintendent Llyod Snow, and Journalist Paul Waldschmidt. Tapia received an award and was able to bring along two other members of the community and also brought along the new Editor-In-Chief of the Charles Page Newspaper.
The group meet up at Crescent Cafe for breakfast and started conversing over a cup of coffee. The breakfast symbolized a great event that marked a milestone for Tapia and Toothman starting up a new legacy.
Tapia has grown the Charles Page Newspaper to the point where it has received an award at state level from the Oklahoma Scholastic Media and produced a newspaper that has the community reading. He is having to pass off the torch to a new Editor-In-Chief; and at breakfast he told Toothman that she had received the position.
During breakfast the group talked about how much the community has grown in the since everybody first came to the community, along with a look at how today’s generation is going to shape the future and impact the world.
Snow showed his support for the younger generation and believes that there are truly talented individuals who will make a difference. The breakfast lasted almost an hour with the group getting to fellowship together and just getting to know one another better. At the end of the breakfast Burdge presented Tapia and Toothman with the book of Proverbs, an uncirculated two dollar bill and a book by one of Burdge’s favorite authors.
The breakfast could not have been possible without the help from the Sand Springs Daybreak services.

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