The Best Kisser Contest is an annual event here in Sand Springs. We all have been keeping an eye out for The Best Kisser in town Valentine’s Day Contest posters. Today we received the exciting new of the winner for 2012!
“A panel of judges gazed upon 327 kisses of all sizes, shapes, and shades and are excited to say Happy Valentine’s Day to The Best Kisser in Town Heather Patterson. She has won awards valued at $1000.Also, Happy Valentine’s Day to Hot Lips Paula Patterson and to Red Hot Momma Jennifer Poorboy. Their awards are valued $350 each. Thank you to all who left a kiss, received the kiss and to all that rewarded the kisses. Judges were Stormy Miller from The Harvest World Market; Jeremy Leaman and Ginie Dunman from RSA Equipment Rental; Mary Eubanks and Trena Zickefoose.
Congratulations to the best kissers in town!
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