Now that 2017 has arrived, it is important for all Sandites to know that Sand Springs is moving forward into the new year with its best foot forward. Over the past year there have been endless hours dedicated to problem solving and strategizing plans for future developments in Sand Springs. Through all of these hours of hard work look into the next months with so much to look forward to in Sand Springs.

Top 5 improvements to expect in 2017:
1. OmniTRAX, new owners of the Gerdau Steel Mill site, have big plans for the land. The City of Sand Springs will be moving many departments from downtown to the 10 acre parcel off of Morrow Road. Many structures that are not vital to the functioning of OmniTRAX core business will be removed. In place of these structures OmniTRAX will be developing retail and industry locations that will be inviting to outside businesses, as well as local businesses, to relocate to the area. Construction will begin with the removal of these unused structures during the first part of the year and will progress steadily throughout the year.

2. Due to the relocation of many City of Sand Springs safety departments to the soon to be developed land that was once Gerdau Steel Mill, the widening of Morrow Road became necessary for emergency vehicle access. This will be a much needed and welcomed improvement to the area for Sand Springs residents and shoppers.
3. The Case Community Park is the largest park project in Sand Springs history! Construction of the park will take roughly one year, and the work has already begun. If you have driven down Wekiwa Road near Case Community Center you have most definitely noticed that dirt work is well underway. The park will include, of course, Sand Springs Park’s new and amazing Splash Pad, but there will be so much more than that going into the development of this area. Case Community Park will include a new highway frontage entry including a new sign, paved walkways, baseball and soccer off Wellston Park Road, better lit and additional parking, a massive tournament-sized soccer field, two new 10u youth baseball fields, a new playground near the Splash Pad, creation of picnic park areas with a new playground, new park shelters, a half court basketball court, ‘The Great Lawn’ that will be a local version of what has been done at the Guthrie Green in Tulsa, a special event stage, 10 or more park art pieces added to the area, remodeled restrooms, and improved views of the Arkansas River.

4. The City of Sand Springs has businesses planning to announce at the first of 2017 their intent to build in River West during this year. We look forward to being able to share these announcements. Ground work at the site has been done and the area is ready for the coming businesses.
5. The Sand Springs Home is developing the land where a fire destroyed a building off of 2nd Street. The structure is already off to a great start with framework and foundation complete. This structure will help with highway views into Sand Springs as well as be a welcomed improvement to the area.

2017 is looking up! As a community we are putting our best foot forward into the new year and the improvement will help Sand Springs stay true to our roots while welcoming the new.