Sometimes when you see a need, you just fill it. That’s exactly what Keystone Chevrolet owner, Mike Farley, did with his own version of “Backpack for Kids.” It all started about three years ago during a discussion when Anderson Elementary School teacher, Amanda Sellers, told Mike about students with a need. Amanda told him the heartbreaking fact that about thirty students at Anderson are fed Monday through Friday during school but then go all weekend without food. This hit home for Mike as he grew up with meager means as well.
He was pressed to do something so he purchased 35 backpacks along with food to fill them up. Mike’s project has grown through the years and he now has extra hands to help fill the backpacks such as his son, Josh, who also works at Keystone Chevrolet. Mike also donates food to Sand Springs Community Services. If you happen to be at Keystone Chevrolet and smell something amazing cooking, it’s probably Mike Farley in the kitchen. Employees, friends and even customers love his meals! He taught himself to cook and his salsa could rival the best! Mike Farely is the ultimate, giving foodie!