Sand Springs Public School Students!!
Get Prepared for your 2018-19 school year starting August 22nd.
Important Dates 2018
Professional Days August 16th-17th, 20th-21st
First Day August 22nd
Labor Day September 3rd
P/T District Conference Nights October 15th-16th
NO School All Grades October 17th
Fall Break October 18th-19th
Thanksgiving Break November 21st-23rd
End of Semester December 19th
Winter Break December 20th-January 2nd
Important Dates 2019
Professional Day January 2nd
Students Return to Class January 3rd
MLK Day NO SCHOOL January 21st
President’s Day NO School February 18th
P/T District Conference Night March 12th
P/T District Conference Night March 14th
NO SCHOOL All Grades March 15th
Spring Break March 18th-22nd
Last Day of Classes May 24th
Memorial Day May 27th
Tip: Start your sleeping schedule early
Two weeks before the first day of school students should make an effort to go to bed earlier at night and wake up near the same time they normally would during the school year. This allows students, of all ages, to transition back into a schedule more easily. Kicking the summer sleeping blues will be a thing of the past!
Tip: Compile a list of study spaces
Having a desk stocked with supplies is great for a homework space at the house, but sometimes the atmosphere can get.. less inspiring. Compiling a list of different places to focus on school work can keep the momentum going throughout the year. Some ideas: Chandler Park, Case Community Park, Keystone Lake, Starbucks, or even just the back porch can liven up a routine.
Tip: Get Organized
Getting organized is best to do before the busyness begins. Organize and plan now so you can save time during the school year. Aside from your usual summer school shopping endeavors, make getting a planner filled out a priority. Plan ample time for homework, ensure you have your extracurricular activities scheduled, and make time for a social life. Parents of younger students, watch as your student begins to feel empowered when they are “in the know” regarding the schedule.
Tip: Participate in Reasor’s Supply for Schools
Be a part of Reasor’s Supply for Schools and help give Sand Springs Public Schools students a chance to get ahead this school year. From July 25th through August 14th, you can visit the Reasor’s on Highway 97 and help support our students. See the cashiers inside and ask about buying a $15 school supply bag that will be donated to the schools. If you want to just donate money, ask about buying a donation card at the register.
Tip: If you’re new to school, try taking a walk through before classes start
The scariest part about starting a new school year could be as simple as not knowing where you’re going or what to look for. That’s why, if possible, you should get with your school to see whether you can take a walk through of the facilities and classrooms so you have a better idea of where you’re going. It’s a surefire way to help put you at ease.
Tip: Create a line of communication with your teacher before classes start
If you know who your school teacher is prior to classes starting, then try sending them an email. Introduce yourself, ask them some fun questions to get to know them, and let them know you’re ready for the year to start. It’s always a good idea to build an early rappor with the teacher you’ll be spending your weekdays with for the next 8 months.
Tip: Stay connected with your school friends during the summer
It’s easy to get disconnected during the summer from some of your great school friends you’ve made. It seems a little odd when you come back to school to see how your friends have grown and changed just over several months… and sometimes it can make you feel a little out of touch. Maintain those relationships during the summer by planning activities with your closest friends and keeping up with your classmates on social media. That way, when you get back to the new school year, you can be ready to go and feel more connected to those around you.