salon fortyfive perfect red lip we are sand springsNo worries, you don’t have to hire Taylor Swift’s makeup artist to achieve the perfect red lip.  With these steps, mastering the romantic red lip can be done within the confines of your own home.
Step 1: The key to achieving any bold lip is to make sure your lips are hydrated! Cracked and peeling lips will make your lipstick bleed and look uneven. Try a lip conditioner or a petroleum based treatment that can be found at your drugstore.  Make sure you get a clear version and not tinted or it will alter the color of your final outcome.  Leave the conditioner on your lips for about 5 minutes then wipe the excess off with a tissue.
Step 2: To get a long lasting lip, apply lip liner over your ENTIRE lips.  This will give the color something to stick to.  Be sure you find a shade to compliment the lipstick you are wearing.  L’Oreal Riche liner in Always Red works great for most shades!
Step 3: Apply your favorite red lipstick!  To ensure you haven’t applied it too thick, do the old toilet paper trick-smack your lips down on a piece of bath tissue to remove excess.
Step 4: To keep you perfect red pout from bleeding and to clean up the edges a bit, take an angled brush and dip it into come concealer or compact powder then go along the edges.  You can even dust a tad over your actual lips.
Step 5: If you prefer a matte lip, then you’re done!  However, if you feel your lips still need to cranked up a notch, add some gloss on top! A dark pink or clear gloss with make your lips pop!
With these steps, you’re lips will make as big of a statement as Taylor Swift’s!
If you need you’re entire makeup done for a special occasion, head over to Salon FortyFive! They have awesome staff who will share even MORE beauty tips with you while they make you up!
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