Honor where it’s due:

WE have set November the 11th apart as the day to honor our Veterans. The man and woman before us who answered a call and offered their all……. Some gave all but all gave some. Who are these men and women? Who made the call? Who suggested their all? It’s a time honored call, that’s always been made to All. But always only answered by some…. And some of these always gave there All. And All of these have always gave some. So our task this November 11th is to Honor one and all.

Some two hundred thirty five years ago this time honored call began 56 men gathered in a small room in Philadelphia signed a document and pledged their Lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor to each other. Nine of these men did give their lives, three of them were tortured to death, twelve of them lost their families. They took on the largest army and navy in the world at the time and had neither of their own. One if these men was John Hart of New Jersey he was elected a delegate to the first Continental Congress in 1774. When the British troops entered New Jersey they were looking for John hart. He was at his farm with his wife and 12 children, his wife was suffering from a fever and he was at her side when people came to him and told him the army was coming up the road. He at first refused to leave stating that he couldn’t leave his wife but was persuaded to run into the countryside where he evaded the British for 12 months. When the army left he came back to his home to find it burned to the ground, his wife had died from the fever and the British Army had taken his 12 children, look as he could he was never able to find them. He died a year later from what most said was a broken heart.

Robert Morris from Pennsylvania was a distinguished patriot and financier of the Revolutions he raised over two million dollars to fund the revolutions and much of it was his own money for which he was never repaid, and he never ask his country to repay him, he pledged his fortune and he was true to his word even when after some bad land ventures he ended up in the debtors prison. These were the men who first answered the call and have lead the way for multitudes through the decades. But in the last two hundred years stories like these could be told of men and women like them who for the passion of freedom and liberty also have offered the pledge to give their Life their fortune their Sacred honor. And all to often these men and women are forgotten or little remembered, so this day in November is a day that we should take the time to remember what was paid for what we have and to give thanks to the Father of Glory for the men and women who have fought and died for what we have here in this land, and for the young brave souls who stand on the wall today ready to answer the call. Thank them one and all.