A Letter From Amanda Wion: SSCC President

Hello Sand Springs and welcome to 2022! As you may have heard, I, Amanda Wion, am your new Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce President and I am so incredibly excited to get to know the businesses, families, and community of Sand Springs. 

Although I am not Sand Springs born, I too come from a small-town rich in history that prides itself on “being there” for one another. While others may look at small towns in a negative light, I believe growing up and serving in a small town is something you have to experience to understand. Now that I have had a chance to visit with local members of this community in my first month, there are a few things that I plan to focus on as a Sand Springs “newcomer”. 

First, member and community relationships. Since the beginning, I have shared my passion for building relationships and hearing from local community members on what is important to them. I want to know what brought you to Sand Springs, what kept you in Sand Springs, and what excites you about being a member of this Sand Springs community today. Maybe you are an alum who never left or maybe you are a newcomer just like me who has decided to make Sand Springs home for your family. No matter the backstory, I want to hear why you value and are excited to be here. Through the stories I have heard thus far, it has only made my excitement for this position and community that much stronger!  

Second, help and serve businesses. Many times, most of us can “handle” ourselves without any extra assistance from outside sources. However, there are times when we need a little guidance or a helping hand. Those are the times that I hope the Chamber can be a resource for you and your business to help keep it running as smoothly and effectively as possible. On the other hand, I hope the Chamber can also be a resource even when things are going great! We want to be a tool that local businesses can use to share and celebrate the successes that I know are happening everyday here in Sand Springs!   

Third, create teams. Just in my small time of being in my role, I have met some very special and talented people in this community. Many individuals who share a passion for service and who want Sand Springs to flourish in new and exciting ways. Because of this, it is my hope that individuals can become more involved with different teams or committees that are needed to fulfill the mission of the Chamber. I know we can’t do it all alone, so my hope is that we can rely on some of the amazing individuals in this community as well to help us make Sand Springs the “go-to” spot for people of all ages! 

Overall, my hope is that through these efforts, members of this community will see that the Chamber of Commerce is here to serve, encourage, and empower Sand Springs businesses and families just as if they were our own. For me, I am excited to put roots down here and to serve this community in whatever way is needed. Sand Springs is a growing community and I am thrilled to be a part of it! 

– Amanda Wion

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