See Sand Springs with $74.63

We hit the road to see what a day in Sand Springs would be like on a $74.63 budget.
First we went to get Sandite Gear for our day at Sign and Stitches on 2nd and Garfield! We walked away with an awesome Sandite long sleeve shirt and off we went!
After shopping we needed to refuel so we made a stop at Minute Man Pizza to share a small Home Run Pizza. As always it was delicious!
We needed to do Sand Springs proud so we swung into BubbleTown Carwashes in Prattville to get the car presentable with an All Over Town wash.
Needing a pick me up we went to get our caffination and sugar buzz at Harper’s Hut where we got a delicious smoothie and a Butter Beer Latte.
Lastly, what is a day in Sand Springs without cookies from Sweetie Pie’s Bakery.
We had so much fun!
Do you have something interesting we could do in Sand Springs for $74.63? Tell us about it and we may just invite you to come along!
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