3 Ways to Save on Christmas Shopping from Sarah Roe

1. Earn Points: Start earning points and redeeming them for gift cards There are TONS of point sites out there right now but my favorite is Start earning points by searching and redeeming offers and pay for your Christmas gifts using the gift cards you earn. I do this every single year and pick up tons of toys and other items without ever spending a dime!
2. Start locating Coupons: Now is the time to grab the Entertainment Book, call the customer service number for retail stores or sign up for newsletters. Seek after retail coupons in the same way you would seek after grocery coupons. Go straight to the source and find out what kind of deals they offer! Also, be sure to follow your favorite local stores on social media, they always post their best deals there!
3. Use Price Adjustments: Many stores offer what is called a “price adjustment.” This means, if you purchase an item this week and it goes on sale next week, you can take your receipt back to the store and they’ll give you the difference. Each store offers a different policy, some are 7 days while others are 14 days.
This also means, if you purchase your items the week before Christmas and they go on major markdown after Christmas, you can likely get that difference back! You won’t have to return the items, simply bring in the receipt. Check your store policy for details.
Saving money during the holiday season is not only easy, it’s fun and it does not have to involve camping out in front of a store all night!
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