2018 Firework Safety: 5 Things to Know

     Independence Day is for remembering our nation’s independence, spending time with your family, and seeing a great fireworks show. Sand Springs residents can catch some great firework shows and events like the Fireworks Preview Night & Kids Fun Fest at Big Blast Fireworks on June 23rd, see a fireworks show at Case Community Park on July 3rd, or watch another great fireworks show at Pier 51 on Keystone Lake July 6th.
     If you choose to shoot fireworks off yourself, you need to KNOW THESE 5 THINGS before lighting that next bottle rocket.

1. Make sure your pets are put away
This should go without saying by now. Bring your dogs and other pets inside on the days and nights leading up to and after July 4th. Fireworks are known to cause pets to sometimes run away from the loud noises. Let them have a couple of nights on the couch you always yell at them for jumping on, instead of spending several nights searching for your lost pet.
2. Heed this advice from our first responders 
Sand Springs Police PIO Todd Enzbrenner says he wants everyone to stay safe this Independence Day. Though responding to firework accidents usually falls on EMSA and the Sand Springs Fire Department, Enzbrenner said he can offer this advice…

“Be safe, don’t drink to excess while handling fireworks, and make sure children are always supervised by an adult or a responsible teen. Enjoy your family and always remember this holiday represents the birth of our nation and the many sacrifices made by normal men and women who did extraordinary things.”

EMSA also sends this message to everyone this Fourth of July…

The Fourth of July is marked each year with brilliant displays of fireworks. Yet those same fireworks send hundreds of people to the emergency room each year because they are mishandled. The following may help you in staying safe this Fourth of July.

If fireworks are legal, a few simple tips will help you enjoy them safely:

Observe local laws regarding the purchase and use of fireworks. Buy only legal fireworks and light them only where they are permitted. 

Use fireworks only with adult supervision. 

Use fireworks only in wide-open areas. 

Keep a bucket of water handy. 

Keep spectators at least 50 feet away. 

Wear safety goggles when lighting fireworks. 

Follow the instructions printed on each item. 

Light only one item at a time, using a long-handled butane lighter or a jumbo punk. 

Keep your body back and reach out to light the fuse. 

Don’t try to re-light a dud. 

Ask everyone to drop spent sparklers in the bucket of water. 

Clean up the area after the show.

3. Get a permit to shoot off fireworks  
Save yourself a fine and get a permit through the city if you’re planning on shooting off fireworks in the Sand Springs city limits. Permits can be purchased all the way up through the afternoon of July 4th. Read more about how you can get one here.
4. Buy fireworks from a licensed stand
Always shop from a licensed fireworks stand. You can spot licensed stands usually by their tent and because their fireworks typically have very bright labels with the manufacturers’ name on them. The labels will come usually with directions and a warning.
5. Practice firework safety
Never point a firework at another person. You or someone else doesn’t need to be another fireworks safety statistic. When lighting, always use fireworks outside, away from any buildings or obstructions, and on a flat and fireproof surface. Don’t immediately dispose of the fireworks. Allow them to cool down for at least 20 minutes, then soak them in water, place them in a sealed bag, and dispose of them in a covered trash can.