Lake Life in Sand Springs Oklahoma

When you’re searching for adventure in Sand Springs, Oklahoma the compass will guide you to lake life! Lake life is a hustle and bustle of camping, hiking, boating, good eats, memories and new friendships. The “Green Country”, as it is called, shows its true colors during the summer months. So let’s talk about the 3 ways Sand Springs generously offers the best lake life around!



Stays around the Sand Spring area fall into three categories, Camp sites, RV’s and Cabins! Each of these categories speaks differently to those searching for the best lake life.Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort offer great campsites for those looking for a more organic experience. Bringing their own tent, supplies and being “fully enveloped” in nature. Keystone Lake Park offers convenient hookup sites for RV travelers to park and set up for a night under the stars, yet in the comfort of their own traveling home! And for those who prefer to have a cozy bed and running water – cabins and cottages are of no shortage around Keystone Lake! 


No matter how you crave your lake life experience to be – the Sand Springs area has it all! 



Recreation around Keystone Lake consists of hiking trails, boating and watercraft rentals, flyboarding, hammocking, fishing and much more! Some families traveling to the lake for a weekend will simply rest and relax as they swim and soak up the sun, while others dive right into the wilderness with 5 mile hikes and days spent out on the lake making waves and pulling the kids on waterskis! There is no “wrong” way to go about lake life around here, we know everyone enjoys a little adventure, even if we have different definitions! 


Good Eats: 

Some prefer to pack their own lunches and dinners to cook out fireside – while others prefer to let others do the cooking! Good thing lake life around Sand Springs supports both of these! For a good grocery stop to pick up your campfire favorites – check out Phelp’s Market – a lake friendly grocery store that caters to lake life! If you prefer a night out on the lake, try Winn’s on the Water for fried favorites and all-American classics! 


Remember – adventure can look different for everyone! That’s one of the reasons why Sand Springs has such a wide variety to offer for those seeking the best lake life! 

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