7 Ways to Cool Off in Sand Springs

During the hot summer months, it can seem impossible to cool off from the heat waves that travel across the asphalt, athletic fields, and even our own backyards. Here are 7 fun and tasty ways to cool off with your family and friends during the hot summer around Sand Springs. 

Sandlot Sno Balls 

Sandlot Sno Balls is located at 250 S. Highway 97 #A, Sand Springs, OK 74063, and is the perfect way to cool down over this hot summer! Grab a snow cone with your friends and family and enjoy the frozen flavors like coconut, orange pineapple, and Tutti Frutti! 


Boulder Coffee

Boulder Coffee is located in downtown Sand Springs at 118 N Main St, Sand Springs, OK 74063. Boulder boasts of frozen coffee flavors that are perfect for summer! Put a pep in your step while cooling down with a Blended Caramel Latte or a Frozen Strawberry Lemonade! 


COMING SOON! Big Dipper Creamery Downtown Sand Springs! 

Big Dipper Creamery, a start-up company born from Sand Springs residents, is putting down another set of roots right here in downtown Sand Springs! The shop plans to open in the month of August – so get your taste buds ready! 


Case Community Park and Pratt Civitan Park Splash Pads

What better way to cool off than with WATER! The Case Community Park and Pratt Civitan Park splash pads are up and running for your kiddos, and even you, to cool off with a bit of fun under the sun! Bring lunch to picnic at a table and spend the afternoon running around and splashing in the cool water.


Adult Splash Pad and Refreshing Drinks! 

Enjoy a smooth ice cream cone or a slushie with a multitude of flavors from Sonic! Then, go right next door to the adult splash pad – A.K.A BubbleTown Tunnel! Enjoy a cool treat, and treat yourself to a clean car! 


Jellystone Park 

As far as Oklahoma campsites go, Jellystone Park is one you won’t want to miss! Enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, and other water-related activities while camping and creating memories that will last a lifetime! 


Chandler Park Pool and Splash Park

Join in on the fun at the Chandler Splash Park! Open Tuesday – Sunday until September 4th – it’s only $1 to get in for a full day of fun! Splash in the water, cool off from the hot sun, and play until the kiddos are plumb worn out!

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