Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce President: Kyle Smith

With a laundry list of impressive professional experiences and achievements, Kyle Smith’s work has taken him from Chicago, Illinois to Detroit, Michigan, and now: Sand Springs, Oklahoma. 

Kyle is the new president of the Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce, and a great fit for the role. “I was looking for opportunities to utilize my skill set,” Kyle said, “and looking for an organization that could encapsulate what I bring to the table 𑁋 and this is a match made in heaven.”

“The reception I’ve received with people welcoming me and congratulating me,” Kyle said, “has been amazing.” Kyle said he’s still getting to know the area and that he has been floored by the town’s history and the influence of Charles Page. “It’s been incredible,” he said.

Given current events both in our community and nationwide, Kyle certainly has his work cut out for him as he navigates the role in the midst of one of the largest pandemics in history. 

Kyle had a running start, and the work continues. “We’re taking a look at the Chamber’s infrastructure,” Kyle said, “and finding ways to make it more innovative and more efficient for our business partners in the area.” 

One goal Kyle has with recommendation from Mayor Jim Spoon is more retail opportunities within the Chamber. “We are working to make the Chamber more robust so we can be a leading force in the community.”

“We’re all in this together,” Kyle said. “If you need resources, we’re here for you. We may not always have the answers, but we have the next step and we’re prepared to provide value.”

With veracious optimism, Kyle said, “Better days are ahead. Balance is everything, right? With every pull, there has to be a push, so eventually we’ll swing back to the positive.”

Danielle Myers, an executive board member for the Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce, said, “The community of Sand Springs should be excited to have Kyle Smith representing them, and I would encourage everyone to come alongside the Chamber as we focus on the future”

“I’m open to receiving everything Sand Springs has to offer,” Kyle said. “And in return, I want to be the best president for the people.”