Local Lives: Cindy Bowling

Local Lives is our way of sharing the stories of those within our community of Sand Springs. Local Lives inspires, encourages and relates. We sat down with Cindy Bowling of Sand Springs and was able to get just a tiny insight into who she is and her heart for this community. 


Cindy has been in the Sand Springs community for 10 years and in that 10 years has fallen more in love with the town each day. The people and businesses that make up Sand Springs are the reason Cindy calls it her home. Since 2015, Cindy has belonged to the same gym, CrossFit 1055, and church, Church on the Move. She is also heavily involved with two organizations, Finding Hope and Hope is Alive. As a mother who has lost a son to addiction she is passionate about teaching others learn to help those struggling with addiction, or a loved one that is an addict, and helping them get their lives right. 


Learn more about Cindy and her passions for the Sand Springs community by watching the full video.