Utility Flower Boxes

Have you been cruising through downtown when suddenly a box catches your
attention? Not just any box, an electrical box disguised as a flower paradise!
These boxes used to be an eyesore that took away from the historic ambiance of downtown Sand Springs.

“We got the idea from a conference that was held at the University of Oklahoma’s
Institute for Quality Communities.,” said Brad Planning Director/Neighborhood
Services Director, City of Sand Springs. “The idea behind it was to take something
that is generally forgotten about and often times aesthetically unpleasing in the
form of a steel box and create something interesting, appealing, and unique. We have Completed 7 of the originally planned 10 utility boxes..”

This is one of the many ideas transforming the downtown area into a thriving
atmosphere. Sand Springs is constantly looking for new ways to improve.
“If you have suggestions for how to improve the community we are currently
doing a community survey that runs through Nov. 23rd ” said Bates. “You can find
department contact info at to reach out to the appropriate
person with your idea or concern. There is also a report a concern function on our City website as well.”