Resolve to Do More Good in 2021

At some point between unwrapping the last Christmas gift and flipping the calendar to a brand new year, many Sandites make a list of resolutions 𑁋 a firm decision to do or not do something 𑁋 to start once January begins.

Some set a goal to spend more time outside, some desire to read a certain amount of books, and some want to give back to the community where they live.

Volunteering can be done by anyone from elementary school students to senior citizens, and it’s ideal for everyone including families, colleagues, and individuals. While you may anticipate that your efforts will help the organization you choose to volunteer with, you’ll reap the benefits, too. Learning new skills, building relationships, and discovering a sense of purpose are all advantages of volunteering.

If you resolved to do more good in 2021, there are plenty of opportunities around Sand Springs to share your time and talents. And where else is better to volunteer than a town founded by the very dedicated philanthropist Charles Page?


Sand Springs Community Services: Dedicated to assisting and empowering clients experiencing economic crises, Sand Springs Community Services offers basic needs assistance to provide programs and resources that move families toward self-sufficiency. The organization helps adults and children in Sand Springs with temporary and emergency assistance, but the work is ongoing. (In 2014, Sand Springs Community Services assisted almost 6,500 clients.) In addition to volunteer opportunities for events hosted by the organization, Sand Springs Community Services also accepts donations of food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, coats and shoes, computer equipment, and more.


Tulsa Boys Home: The largest residential treatment facility for troubled boys in Oklahoma, the Tulsa Boys Home provides premium care to boys with behavioral, emotional, and substance abuse issues who need placement outside their homes. Volunteer opportunities include mentorship, educational tutoring, and assistance with marketing and fundraising.


Keystone Ancient Forest: Many Sandites enjoy hiking and wildlife spotting at the Keystone Ancient Forest, which features 1,360 acres of 500-year-old cedars and 300-year-old post oak trees, but the City-run nature preserve relies on dedicated volunteers to assist during open hike dates. Volunteer trail guides help staff the parking lot, monitor hiking events, and even hike alongside visitors to help interpret the forest landscape.


Salvation Army: The Salvation Army is an international charitable organization that provides disaster relief, adult rehabilitation services, and assistance to children, families, and individuals. In the Sand Springs area, volunteer opportunities exist for the organization’s homeless shelter, called the Center of Hope, and at its Boys & Girls Club. At the Center of Hope, volunteers are needed for everything from hosting entertainment events (like a movie night!) to motivational speaking to life skills training, which could include subjects like nutrition, budgeting, or computer classes. With the Boys & Girls Club, volunteers are needed for coaching and training youth athletes, teaching music or leading Bible studies, or providing administrative support for tasks like data entry, organizing, and basic cleaning.


Though the promise of a shiny new year often motivates people to change their habits and behaviors, you can sign up to volunteer with any of these organizations at any point during the year. 

But if you want to kick off 2021 feeling good about the good you’re doing, reach out to a local organization today and get involved. There’s no telling how your role as a volunteer will impact your life, but countless studies show the pride and sense of accomplishment it gives you makes it a worthwhile venture. So, go ahead, add it to the top of your 2021 resolutions 𑁋 your 2022 self will thank you for the difference you made for your fellow Sandites! 


Editor’s Note: COVID-19 may impact the volunteer opportunities featured in this article, so be sure to contact your selected organization for more information. Orientation or training may be required, and you may be asked to submit an application about yourself and/or your experience.