In Town Road Trip

Around this time every year, Sandites eagerly begin making summertime plans for the parks and lake: picnics, volleyball, hiking, wakeboarding, jet-skiing, tubing, fishing, camping. Life is a little different right now, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had outdoors. Take this map with you next time you and your family want to get out of the house for an hour or the entire afternoon. Fresh air and sunshine are just what the doctor ordered ???? at a distance from others, of course.


SHORT ROUTE (13 Min drive time):

  1. Stop at Sand Springs Lake Park – This spot is perfect for flying kites, skipping rocks, or throwing a Frisbee. With a walking trail and biking trail, too, you and the family can get moving if that’s more your speed. Check out the garden in full bloom while you’re there, and don’t forget to bring the sunscreen!
  2. Record a TikTok video in front of a downtown mural – It’s 2020 in the middle of a global pandemic, so this style of entertainment is not only welcomed but warranted. Tell your high schooler you can help ‘em go viral if they let you do the Milly Rock with them at the Herbal Affair-themed mural downtown. 
  3. Get some exercise at Case Community Park – Though the volleyball courts and splash pad aren’t currently open, there’s still plenty to do at this park favorite. Take a long walk, go for a family bike ride, and if you have little ones who need to expend some energy, challenge them to see who can run the fastest. On your mark, get set, go!
  4. Check out the art at Riverview RV Park – With murals on both sides of the silo, families can view the art ???? featuring patriotic bald eagles and a postcard-esque painting that reads See Sand Springs ???? on foot and snap a selfie or two to commemorate this peculiar time. Be sure to look for wildflowers and wildlife while you’re exploring! 


LONG ROUTE (extended from route 1 – 61min drive time total) 

  1. Spin your wheels at Appalachia Bay – Load up your off-road vehicles and explore the varied terrain of Motorcycle Island, including twisty sandy trails, briar bushes, and a handful of mud pits. Bonus: This is a great spot to watch the sunset, too. 
  2. Go fishing at Keystone Lake – There’s nothing like a peaceful afternoon drifting on the serene waters of Keystone Lake reeling in some fish. And hey, since we’re all practicing social distancing, no one will know if that 15 inch bass you caught was really just ten.
  3. Picnic near the Keystone Dam – Picnic at pavilion #2, located below the breast of the dam, or spread out an old quilt on the beach for a breezy lunch by the water. Be sure to pack plenty of water and something cold and sweet for dessert, maybe some fresh fruit. 
  4. Drive over Keystone Dam – The dam is powerful to see and can be a fun lesson for young kids in irrigation and aquaculture. Have everyone in the car guess the top elevation of the dam (answer: 771 ft.); the person who guesses correctly or most accurately gets to choose the music the rest of the road trip.