A Beacon of Joy: Date Night by the Sailing Club

Though the Windycrest Sailing Club has paused some of its official regattas and club events, single-mast sailboats can still be spotted bobbing on the waters at Keystone Lake each day.


The novelty of going on a pandemic-era date with your partner, like having cocktails and chatting with another couple on a Zoom call or sipping spiked seltzer on the kids’ trampoline after their bedtime, has worn off and many couples 𑁋 newlyweds and long-time spouses alike 𑁋 are looking for fun, safe things to do to keep their love afloat.


A maritime picnic at sunset watching the watercolor skies and sailboats cruise by is just what the (love) doctor ordered. Whether you pack snacks from home or pick up take-out from your favorite spot in town, spending some time with your partner by the water watching sloops float the lake will be the bright spot in your week, helping you both stay buoyed amidst the mayhem of back-to-school, the return of children’s sports practices and music lessons, stacks of reports to comb through at work, and, yes, keeping an eye on the COVID-19 data.


DINNER FROM HOME: Anything goes, especially since the point of this rendezvous is spending quality time with your spouse, so you can choose to keep it low-key or go all out. Pack turkey sandwiches with ingredients already on-hand in the refrigerator or get creative with a cheese board piled high and artfully-arranged with Marcona almonds, gherkins, manchego, and Jabugo ham. Don’t forget to slice an apple and bring along a little pot of caramel sauce for an autumnal post-dinner treat!


DINNER TO-GO: Want something a little more fancy than cold subs, or just need one less thing to do right now? Order Napoli’s for take-out or splurge on a few to-go dishes at Little Venice, or pick up a hot pizza at Minuteman. Bring a few tealights and place them in small glass jars around the food for extra ambiance. 


The club, which opened in 1965, requires membership, but all are welcome to sit on the shore and watch the sailboats. For a great view, hop on Highway 412, exit at 209 West Avenue, and drive five miles (just past Big Al’s). When you see the sign for Windycrest Sailing Club on the left, make a turn on Windycrest Drive and park, walk down to the water, and set up your spread.


Spending time with each other lounging on a knit blanket on the sandy beaches of Keystone Lake will give you and your partner a little lift in your relationship to face whatever lies ahead, whether it’s something small like car trouble or something significant like a global pandemic.

During challenging times, spending intentional time with your spouse can keep you anchored.

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